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Information for Authors

Springer has supplied us the latest version of the LaTeX2e macro package called WMY2000, used for the layout of the book Mathematics Unlimited.

You may download here the LaTeX2e class file, as well as documentation and a sample article file:

You may also download all of the above packed in a single file. Choose the format most convenient for you:

The book will be printed in two columns per page, the second column containing some of the figures. Please note that the macro package will not yet produce the final layout which is later done by editors. This two steps production is chosen in order to simplify the macro package for the authors.

We encourage you to include as many black and white graphics on the second column of each page as you like.

We are accepting papers through the registration form (once again, please don't forget your registration password... you will need it again for uploading your paper).

Color pictures

Each article may fill up to two pages with color images. These color images will appear as Color Appendix of the book. Each color image must be referred to in the text. Please, append the color images to your article and use a preliminary reference style. The referencing will later be adjusted by the editors. Please, send color images as TIFF files in 300dpi resolution.


It is planned to produce a CD or DVD accompanying the book including software. If you like to include your software or a demo version or just an informal page, please, setup an HTML page named "index.html" in the root directory of your material from where all your further data is referred. The editors will provide introductory pages to the CD/DVD and link to your subweb from the table of contents. CD space availability depends on the number of contributions. We expect to have up to 40MB available for each contribution.

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