Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics
23-25 November 2000, Lisbon, Portugal
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Davide P. Cervone

Union College

WWW: Davide Cervone's Home Page
Address: Department of Mathematics
Union College
Schenectady, NY 12308 USA

Creating the Virtual Gallery "Surfaces Beyond the Third Dimension"

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The StageTools Package for Creating Geometry for the Web

A number of commercial software packages for generating 3D graphics are available, but some useful features are missing from most of these products. The \texttt{StageTools} modules for \texttt{Geomview} try to fill this gap by including such features as interactive controls (sliders, type-in areas, check-boxes, etc.), an object-oriented approach to geometry allowing one object to be based on another (e.g., a tube around a curve), hierarchical grouped objects, objects in arbitrary dimensions with easily specified projections and transformations, and sophisticated scripting capabilities for creating electronic movie clips.

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