Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics
23-25 November 2000, Lisbon, Portugal
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Michael Joswig

TU-Berlin, Germany

WWW: Home page
Address: FB Mathematik, Sekr. 7-1
Technische Universität Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 136
10623 Berlin

Electronic Geometry Models

We have set up an archive for electronic geometry models at The collection will exhibit certified models from a broad range of geometric subjects including differential geometry, convex geometry, computational geometry, topology, and numerics. The models shall provide insight into geometric shapes, serve as a unique reference for scientific experiments and allow validation of numerical experiments. The models displayed come in two kinds. On the one hand, we are trying to collect electronic counter-parts of many classical and standard models. On the other hand, the server shall host new models, whose existence contributes to the mathematical knowledge. Models of the latter kind are peer reviewed before publication, much like for a journal. This is a joint project with Konrad Polthier.

Electronic Geometry Models

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